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Hi my name is Yvonne Jones author of A Time To Heal The Struggles Of A Battered Woman. I was born in West Monroe Louisiana and raised in a little community called hog-hair Louisiana. I have 3 brothers all of which are younger than me, 3 nieces, 6 nephews, and 2 great nephews. My husband Larry and I have been married now for 8 years and are members of Palestine Baptist Church in Vixen Louisiana. I have one son Jeremy who is in the Army National Guard and is now attending Northwestern University studying to be an attorney.

After having gone through a very abusive relationship, my greatest desire in life at this time is to share my story in hopes of saving the lives of other women and children. Abuse seems to be a never ending cycle and the more we make women and teenagers aware of what to look for in a potential abuser the better chance we have of keeping it from happening as much. We won't ever be able to completely stop it, but if sharing my story will make them realize they need to get out, help them recognize the signs before getting involved, and keep them from going back once they do leave, then the pain I went through reliving this horrible tragedy will be worth it.

Thank you so much for visiting my site and please let me know you stopped by. Thanks and God bless.

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